2002 Orlando Meeting

The 2002 Molecular and Cellular Cognition Meeting took place immediately before the Society for Neuroscience Meeting in Orlando, Florida and it involved more than 400 scientists from all continents.

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More info about the meeting:


Two days event - Peabody Orlando Hotel

Friday, November first, 2002

Location: Peabody Orlando Hotel, Florida Ballroom

06:00-8:00 PM- Wine and Cheese Poster Session

Saturday, November second, 2002

Location: Peabody Orlando Hotel, Plaza International Ballroom F

09:00 AM: Opening Remarks: Alcino Silva (UCLA)

Chair: Kevin Fox (Cardiff)
09:05- 09:25- Hans-Peter Lipp (U. Zurich)- A meta-analysis of genetically disrupted intracellular signaling pathways in mice
09:25- 09:45- Daniel Storm (U. Washington) The Role of Signal Transduction Cross-Talk in Neuroplasticity
09:45- 10:05- Seth Grant (Edinburgh)- Functional Genomic Strategies for Mouse & Human Cognition
10:05- 10:25- David Sweatt (Baylor)- Potassium Channel Regulation in Hippocampal Information Processing

10:25- 11:00- Break

Chair: Menahem Segal (Weismann)
11:00- 11:20- Alcino Silva (UCLA)- Molecular and cellular devices for cognitive function
11:20- 11:40- Paul Chapman (Cardiff)- Using the diversity of synaptic plasticity mechanisms to understand learning and memory
11:40- 12:00- Susumu Tonegawa (MIT)- Regions restricted genetic manipulations in the brain: implications to circuit function

12:00- 02:00- Lunch

Chair: Joachim Spiess (Max Planck)
02:00- 02:20- Eric Kandel (Columbia)- The Molecular Biology of Memory Storage: A Dialogue Between Genes and Synapses
02:20- 02:40- Mark Mayford (Scripps)- Genetic studies of Ca2+ signaling in long-term memory
02:40- 03:00- Cristina Alberini (Mount Sinai)- Molecular mechanisms of long term memory
03:00- 03:20- Joe Tsien (Princeton)- Temporal analysis of memory processes

03:20- 03:40- Break

Chair: Michela Gallagher (Hopkins)
03:40- 04:00- Richard Thompson (USC)- What the mouse has told us about neuronal substrates of eyeblink conditioning
04:00- 04:20- Masayoshi Mishina (U. Tokyo)- Differential contribution of cerebellar Purkinje cell- specific GluR delta2 to delay and trace eyeblink conditioning
04:20- 04:40- Shigeyoshi Itohara (Riken)- Astroglial-neuronal communication in brain function
04:40- 05:00- Rusiko Bourtchouladze (Helicon)- cAMP signaling and memory formation


This meeting would not have been possible without generous gifts from Merck Research Laboratories and from Eisai Co., Ltd.

Wine and Cheese Poster Session

Friday, November first, 2002- Peabody Orlando Hotel, Florida Ballroom

To download the abstract booklet for the 2002 Orlando meeting click here