2003 New Orleans Meeting

The 2003 Molecular and Cellular Cognition Meeting took place immediately before the Society for Neuroscience Meeting in the Wyndham Hotel at Canal Place, New Orleans, November 6th and 7th, 2003

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Wyndham Hotel at Canal Place- Two day Event

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Room: Magnolia I – III; Wyndham New Orleans at Canal Place

06:30-9:30 PM- Wine and Cheese Poster Session

Friday, November 7, 2003

Room: Magnolia I – III; Wyndham New Orleans at Canal Place

09:00 AM: Opening Remarks: Alcino Silva (UCLA)

Chair: Dan Johnston (Baylor)
09:05- 09:25- Susumu Tonegawa (MIT) "Translational Control by MAPK Signaling in Long-term Synaptic Plasticity and Memory"
09:25- 09:45- Riccardo Brambilla (DIBIT-HSR) "The Ras/ERK pathway in striatum-dependent behavioural plasticity"
09:45- 10:05- John Disterhoft (NorthWestern U) "Cellular Mechanisms of Impaired Learning in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease"
10:05- 10:25- Michela Gallagher (Hopkins) "Cognitive aging: Hippocampal neurons and plasticity."

10:25- 11:00- Break

Chair: Karim Nader (McGill)
11:00- 11:20- Mansuo Hayashi (MIT) "Cortical spine morphogenesis and memory consolidation"
11:20- 11:40- Beat Lutz (Max Planck Munich) "The endogenous cannabinoid system in memory processing"
11:40- 12:00- Michael Fanselow (UCLA)"GABA Receptor modulation of trace and delay fear conditioning."
12:00- 12:20- Hee-Sup Shin (KIST, Seoul) "Modulation of hippocampal function by intracellular calcium"

12:20- 02:00- Lunch

Chair: Cristina Alberini (Mount Sinai)
02:00- 02:20- Paul Frankland (Toronto) "The cortex and remote memory: genetic, imaging and pharmacological studies in mice"
02:20- 02:40- John Guzowski (U New Mexico) "FISHing for memories: Genes, cell networks, & behavior"
02:40- 03:00- Bob Muller (SUNNYBrooklyn) "Neural plasticity despite blockade of NMDA receptors (by CPP): Three examples"
03:00- 03:20- Matt Wilson (MIT) "Hippocampal memory of space and time"

03:20- 03:40- Break

Chair: Bill Greenough (UI)
03:40- 04:00- Eric Klann (Baylor) "Signaling mechanisms that regulate translation Initiation in hippocampal synaptic plasticity and memory"
04:00- 04:20- Isabelle Mansuy (SFI, Zuerich)"Protein phosphatases are molecular constraints on learning and memory"
04:20- 04:40- Joe LeDoux (NYU) "Mechansisms of Memory Induction and Persistence in Fear Circuits"
04:40- 05:00- Yadin Dudai (Weissman) "What is it that consolidates in memory consolidation: evidence from the post-retrieval fate of the trace in aversive conditioning"

Please, note that this year three of the talks were chosen from the abstracts submitted


This meeting is sponsored by generous gifts from Eisai Co., Ltd., Helicon, Memory Pharmaceuticals and Sention. Thank you, from all of us at MCCS!!!

Wine and Cheese Poster Session

On Thursday, November 6, 2003 starting at 6:30 PM, we held our annual Poster Session at Magnolia I – III; Wyndham New Orleans at Canal Place.

To download the abstract booklet for the 2003 New Orleans meeting click here