2004 Lisbon Meeting

2004 European Molecular and Cellular Cognition Meeting (organized by MCCS Europe ) took place on July 8th and 9th, 2004. The meeting involved more than 150 people and marked the begining of MCCS Europe. Another meeting is scheduled for 2006, immediately before the FENS meeting in Vienna, Austria.

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Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo - 1050 Lisboa
Ph. 351 21 382 72 70 / Fax 351 21 382 72 75
e-mail: dir.lisboa@sanahotels.com

July 7, 2004

16:00-19:00 On site registration and Reception

July 8 2004

09:00 Opening Remarks: Riccardo Brambilla (HSR, Milan)

SESSION ONE: Chair: Isabelle Mansuy (SFIT, Zuerich)

09:10- 09:35 Yadin Dudai (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot) "Memory consolidations: rites of passage of the engram"
09:35- 10:00 Susan Sara (Univ Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris) "Reconsolidation revisited: context-dependent retrieval mediated by a conditioned emotional response"
10:00- 10:25 Serge Laroche (CNRS-Universite' Paris-Sud) "MAPK to zif 268 signalling in synaptic plasticity and memory"
10:25- 10:50 Katya Belelovsky (Haifa University, Israel) "Modulation of eukaryotic Elongation Factor-2 phosphorylation during taste memory consolidation"

10:50- 11:20 Coffee Break

11:20- 11:45 Peter Kind (University of Edinburgh) "Glutamate neurotransmission and cortical development: Dissecting the pathways to barrel formation"
11:45- 12:10 Karl Peter Giese (University College London) "Task and gender differences in the formation of hippocampal LTM"
12:10- 12:35 Edi Barkai (Haifa University, Israel) "Learning-induced reduction in predisposition for LTP: a possible mechanism for protection against runaway synaptic strengthening"

12:35- 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00- 18:00 Wine and Cheese Poster Session - sponsored by MERCK

July 9, 2004

SESSION TWO: Chair: Hannah Monyer (Univ Hospital Neurol, Heidelberg)

09:00- 09:25 Eric J. Nestler (University Texas Southwestern, Dallas) "DeltaFosB: A molecular switch for addiction"
09:25- 09:50 Marina Picciotto (Yale, New Haven, USA) "Inducible expression of high affinity nAchrs and nicotine-mediated behaviours"
09:50- 10:15 Christoph Kellendonk (Columbia University, USA) "Chronic up-regulation of dopamine D2 receptors in the striatum lead to cognitive deficits"
10:15- 10:40: Natalie Thiriet (Poitiers University, France) "Enriched environment confers resistance to MPTP and cocaine: involvement of dopamine transporter and trophic factors"

10:40- 11:10 Coffee Break

11:10- 11:35 Gunther Schutz (Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg) "Analysis of glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptor function in the brain"
11:35- 12:00 Mriganka Sur (MIT, Cambridge, USA) "Rewiring Cortex: Molecular, Physiological and Behavioral Correlates of Cortical Plasticity"
12:00- 12:25 Florian Plattner (University College London) "Age-dependent alternation in tau hyperphosphorylation and APP processing in transgenic mice with regionally restricted p25 expression"

12:25- 14:00 Lunch Break

SESSION THREE: Chair: Susan Sara (Univ Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)

14:00- 14:25 Peter Seeburg (MPI Med Res, Heidelberg) "Critical AMPA receptor properties in olfactory and spatial memory"
14:25- 14:50 Ralf Schoepfer (University College London) "Functional consequences of low-level expression of NR1 N598R NMDA receptors in mutant mice"
14:50- 15:15 Hannah Monyer (Univ Hospital Neurol, Heidelberg) "Molecular determinants for synchronous network activity"
15:15- 15:40 Kris Dickson (University of Edinburgh) "mRNA regulation via 3'UTRs: an examination of PSD-95 and other NMDA receptor associated proteins"

15:40- 16:10 Coffee Break

16:10- 16:35 Timothy Bliss (NIMR, Mill Hill London) "Role of CaMKII in hippocampal LTP: differential requirements in CA1 and dentate gyrus"
16:35- 17:00 Chris De Zeeuw (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) "The role of olivocerebellar system in learning-dependent timing"
17:00- 17:25 Dietmar Kuhl (Hamburg University) "Learning about activity-dependent genes"
17:25- 17:50 Hiroyuki Nawa (Niigata University) "Perinatal neurotrophic perturbation and later cognitive deficits; implication in human psychiatric diseases"

17:50- 18:00 Concluding remarks: Alcino Silva (UCLA)


This meeting was sponsored by the European Commission (contract: LSSM-CT-2003-503373) and by a generous grant from Merck. They are to be thanked for the great success of the first MCCS Europe meeting.

Wine and Cheese Poster Session

On July 8th, 2004 starting at 2:30 PM after SESSION ONE, we held our annual Poster Session sponsored by MERCK.

To down load the European MCCS 2004 abstract poster book click here