2005 Washington DC Meeting

The 2005 Molecular and Cellular Cognition Meeting will take place immediately before the Society for Neuroscience Meeting in Washington DC on November 10 and 11, 2005


Thursday, November 10, 2005
Room: Congressional Hall A; Renaissance Washington DC Hotel
06:30-9:30 PM- Wine and Cheese Poster Session

Friday, November 11, 2005
Room: Grand Ballroom Central; Renaissance Washington DC Hotel
09:00 AM-5:00 PM

09:00 AM: Opening Remarks: Alcino Silva (UCLA)

hair: Isabelle Mansuy (U Zurich)

09:05- 09:25- Charles A. Hoeffer (Baylor) "FK506 binding protein-12 regulation of hipppocampal-dependent learning, memory and synaptic plasticity".
09:25- 09:45- Zhenzhong Cui (BU) “Inducible knockout reveals crucial role of the NMDA receptor in preserving remote memories in the brain”.
09:45- 10:05
- Karim Nader (McGill U) “Memory strength as a transient boundary condition on reconsolidation of auditory fear memories and its molecular correlates”.

10:05- 10:25
- Courtney Miller (Baylor) “Molecular substrates for retrieval and reconsolidation of cocaine-associated contextual memory”.

10:25- 11:00- Break

Chair:   Dan Storm (U Washington)
11:00- 11:20- Jocelyne Caboche (CNRS/UPMC) "Extracellular-signal regulated kinase
(ERK) signaling in drug addiction".
11:20- 11:40- Luis Valor (Sanger) “Profiling of synapse proteome function using transcriptome and electrophysiological microarrays on primary hippocampal neurons”.
11:40- 12:00- Diana Woodruff-Pak (Temple U) “The search for mammalian models of Alzheimer’s disease valid from molecular to cognitive levels”.
12:00- 12:20- Mark Bear (MIT) “The mGluR theory of fragile X syndrome”.

12:20- 02:00- Lunch

Chair: Riccardo Brambilla (DIBIT-HSR)
02:00- 02:20- Roberto Malinow (CSHL)   “Synaptic plasticity during learning”
02:20- 02:40- Sheena Josselyn (U Toronto) “Competition and selection in memory
formation:  The role of CREB”.
02:40- 03:00- Masahiro Yasuda (Scripps) "CaMKII activation in the cortex disrupts previously encoded memory”.
03:00- 03:20- Tom McHugh (MIT) “The role of hippocampal granule cell NMDA receptors in spatial encoding and contextual discrimination”.

03:20- 03:40- Break

Chair:  Shigeru Itohara (RIKEN)
03:40- 04:00- Satoshi Kida  (U. Tokyo) "Enhancement of memory consolidation by overexpression of dominant active CREB in forebrain”.
04:00- 04:20- Gary Lynch (UC Irvine) " Cellular insights into the meaning of memory consolidation".
04:20- 04:40- David Sweatt (UAB) “Epigenetic Mechanisms in Memory Formation”.
04:40- 05:00- Marcelo Wood (U Penn) " Induced histone hyper-acetylation enhances memory storage and facilitates synaptic plasticity via the transcription factor CREB”.
Please, note that this year 8 of the talks were chosen from the abstracts submitted


This meeting is sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health and Novartis.